About Beardies

The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized dog bred originally to work sheep in Scotland. Many Beardies worked independently of the shepherd, locating the sheep and bringing them down the craggy hills and mountains, barking to alert the shepherd of their whereabouts.


They are a hardy, athletic, energetic breed, that gets on well with other pets and children - but may try to herd them!


They are born one of four colours -black, blue, brown or fawn with a range of white markings. some even have tan markings. the most common colour is born black that changes to grey as the dog matures.


Bearded Collies require:

  • consistent training with lots of praise.
  • good fencing - at least 1.8m - they are renowned for their ability to jump.
  • regular grooming - at least an hour a week for an adult.
  • owners with time to spend with them.
  • a good sized, secure backyard with room to run and play.